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Twist Through Time (1600x1600)_edited.jpg
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Twist Through Time

2023 single

"Twist Through Time" is fundamentally a pop song -  in a dark, kitschy, twangy, funky, lofi, electro rock n roll sorta way.
When I wrote it, I had intended on recording it with just acoustic guitar & vocals, but the rock n roll beat in my Casiotone 401 fit too well.
I wound up using it as an excuse to play with some of my vintage toys:
Drum machines, synths and a twangy 60s Japanese Teisco guitar..
It comes with the extended dance mix built-in, and the gorgeous Cécilia Comelli on backing vocals!

Tyson Smith: Vocals, guitar, synths
Cécilia Comelli: Backing vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered Tyson Smith.

Cover design by Tyson Smith.

© 2023 Tyson Smith

Wave of Memory cover final_edited.jpg
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Wave of Memory

2023 single

Originally composed for a collaborative event "Different Food, Different Mood" by The Sensonauts in 2021. Chef Max Gordy, myself, a lightning designer and set designer created a seven course dining experience where each course manifested a different mood or emotion.
The instrumental lap steel tune I wrote for "Nostalgia" kept popping into my head and when I was home with covid for the second time and feeling rather feverish, I was inspired to record it. 


Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered Tyson Smith.

Cover design by Tyson Smith, photo by Cécilia Comelli.

© 2023 Tyson Smith

The Wild cover art_edited.jpg
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The Wild

2019 single

Performed, recorded and mixed by Tyson Smith.

Mastered by Mike Gibson.

Cover art by Tyson Smith

© 2019 Tyson Smith

The Hollow Tree

2014 album

Hollow Tree Cover_edited.jpg
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Tyson Smith: Vocals, Guitars, Electric Bass, Percussion
Ed Zuccollo: Moog Synthesizer
Rick Cranson: Drums


Produced by Tyson Smith
Drums, moog & acoustic guitar on tracks 1, 2, 4, 7 & 8 recorded by Troy Kelly at STL Audio, Wellington NZ
All other recording by Tyson Smith
Mixed by Lee Prebble at The Surgery, Wellington NZ
Mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Mastering, Wellington NZ

Cover design by Tyson Smith, art by Ashley & Gretchen Smith

© 2014 Tyson Smith

There's nothing cover square_edited.jpg

There's Nothing We Can't Pretend

2010 album

Tyson Smith: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Percussion

Johnny Lawrence: Bass

Darren Mathiassen: Drums, Percussion

Jonathan Crayford: Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, Moog Synthesizer

Lex French: Trumpet

Nils Olsen: Tenor & Baritone Saxophones

Lucien Johnson: Tenor Saxophone, Flute

Miguel-Arnado Gomez: Congas, Bongos

Lisa Tomlins: Backing Vocals

Chetan Ramlu: Tablas

Written and arranged by Tyson Smith and recorded and mixed by Mike Gibson and Darren Maynard at Trident Studios in Wellington, New Zealand.
Mastered by Mike Gibson.

Cover design by Tyson Smith

© 2010 Tyson Smith


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The Pale Blue Dot 


2019 album

Role: I produced this album for my sister Tamara's group Mundi. 

I did additional recording after the initial recording session at The Surgery, Wellington, and also provide guitars, keys, backing vocals and percussion on the album. 

floating head.jpeg
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Humour & The Misfortune of Others


2015 album

Live at The Third Eye


2022 album

Role: I was guitarist on this live album recorded at the now defunct venue The Third Eye.

Floating Head is lead by local Wellington keyboardist extraordinaire Dayle Jellyman and features his fantastic original compositions as vehicles for some fruity jams.


Role: I was one of the guitarists on this album.


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