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New single out now!

It's been a while between releases, but I've been busy with all kinds of bits and pieces. As well as finishing mixing The Electrons debut album I have been working on documenting a few solo tunes. "Wave of Memory" is the first one to see the light of day and it's available now on all major platforms. Listen now on Spotify

It was originally composed for a collaborative event called "Different Food, Different Mood", run by The Sensonauts in 2021, as part of Wellington On A Plate. Chef Max Gordy, Katie (from The Sensonauts), myself, a lightning designer and set designer created a seven course dining experience where each course represented a different mood or emotion. The instrumental lap steel tune I wrote for the "Nostalgia" course kept popping into my head and when I was home with covid for the second time at the end of last year, in the heights of my feverish state, I felt compelled to record it.

"Wave of Memory" single out now!


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